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Adata XPG 8GB D35 DDR4 3200MHz Desktop RAM

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Quick Overview

  • Model: XPG 8GB D35
  • Capacity: 8GB
  • Type- DDR4, Speed: 3200MHz
  • Form Factor: U-DIMM
  • CAS Latencies: 16, Operating voltage: 1.35V


Key Features
Type DDR4
Capacity 8GB
Frequency 3200MHz
Operating voltage 1.35V
Latency 16
Others Form Factor: U-DIMM
Physical dimension
Dimension 133.35 x 34 x 5.9mm
Warranty Information
Warranty Life Time Warranty


Adata XPG 8GB D35 DDR4 3200MHz Desktop RAM

The ADATA XPG 8GB D35 DDR4 3200MHz Desktop RAM is the high-performance memory developed to improve the capabilities of your desktop PC. This DDR4 RAM, with an amazing 8GB capacity, provides a big memory pool for seamless multitasking, enabling the smooth execution of apps and tasks across a variety of computing scenarios. The ADATA XPG D35 DDR4 RAM gives a heightened degree of responsiveness at a quick 3200MHz speed, adapting to the needs of modern computing, whether for intensive gaming, content production, or demanding office activities. The U-DIMM form factor assures broad compatibility, making it an adaptable option for a wide range of desktop computers. The CAS latencies of 16 demonstrate the RAM module’s painstaking construction, establishing an excellent balance between performance and latency. This setting improves data access and transfer times, resulting in a more efficient and responsive computing experience. The ADATA XPG D35 DDR4 RAM not only provides exceptional performance but also promotes energy conservation, harmonizing with the demands of environmentally aware consumers. The ADATA XPG 8GB D35 DDR4 3200MHz Desktop RAM is an excellent option for consumers looking for a memory module that excels in capacity, speed, and compatibility. This RAM module ensures a dependable, high-performance foundation for your desktop computing demands, whether you’re updating your current system or establishing a new one.

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